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If you couldn't tell by my username, I'm Alisha. I live in New York. I'm 22 and currently in my senior year of college. I'm pansexual. Just to name a few obsessions: Sleeping With Sirens, Parkway Drive, Avenged Sevenfold, Of Mice & Men, TDWP ,skateboarding, Grey's Anatomy, and Pretty Little Liars. I also have a beautiful 10 year old sister who was dying to be in my about me. I'm really friendly and I love talking to other people on Tumblr so don't be afraid to say hello. :)

So I attempted suicide two days ago and it didn’t work. I really find it hard to be happy again. I want to be that happy person I was close to being 9 months ago. I am so tired of burdening people with hearing my story that this is really the last time I will reach out without going through another attempt without letting anyone know. I am so tired of living for other people. I care too much. Honestly, I even feel bad writing this post on tumblr because I like to post happy things to make my followers happy even when i’m not. If you know me i’m that girl who is always smiling and always get asked why I smile so much. Why do I? Because I enjoy making others happy. I thrive over other people’s happiness. This past year had been the breaking point in my depression and I honestly feel like i’m already mentally gone. I just needed to vent without another person negatively judging me. Anyway, that’s my current mood now. Goodnight tumblr.